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Protecting your eyes is what we do best.

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About Us

Optometrists & Eye Care

Royalight Optometrist was established with the goal of providing complete comprehensive eye tests for all.

With state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, our professionals are able to obtain accurate information about the condition of the eye and offer what it needs.

We Offer A Complete Range Of Optometrist & Eye Care Services

Our Services

Eye Examinations

Eye health isn’t just about degree.

Comprehensive eye examination

Our eye examination is the most comprehensive and complete you will find. We test all the eye’s functions, prescribe if necessary, and check for any health concerns. Our team of highly skilled professionals use the latest in technology to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Children eye

Your child’s eyesight is important, and at our practice we provide paediatric eye exams to check for early onset of myopia, squint or amblyopia (lazy eye). If any of these problems are detected early on, they can be treated much more effectively. Schedule an appointment today and help ensure that your child has the best possible vision.

Contact lens fitting
and assessment

Our contact lens fitting and assessment process is designed to ensure that you get the most comfortable, accurate fit possible. We take the time to assess your eyes thoroughly before fitting you with contacts, so you can enjoy a perfect fit and optimal comfort during wear.

Myopia control management

If you are concerned about your child’s myopia (near sightedness), you’re not alone. Myopia is the most common refractive error in the world, and it’s on the rise. But there is good news. Our myopia control management can help control the progression of your child’s myopia. We use evidence-based methods to slow or stop the progression of near sightedness, which can help your child achieve long-term vision health.

lens fitting

Orthokeratology lenses are perfect for people who want to avoid wearing glasses or contacts during the day. The lenses gently reshape your cornea while you sleep, so you can wake up and see clearly without having to put on your glasses. Orthokeratology is also great for people with mild astigmatism, because it can help to correct vision problems.

Binocular vision assessment

Binocular vision assessment is an important evaluation to diagnose any binocular vision problems. It is a comprehensive examination of how your eyes work together. Poor binocular vision can cause headaches, eye strain and difficulty reading. Receiving a full assessment can help identify any problems and improve your visual comfort and quality of life.

Silvia SoongSilvia Soong
13:15 14 Jun 22
Had a great and comforting experience at Royalight for my full eye check test. The optometrist was very professional and answered all my questions regarding any concerns for my eye health and even suggested ways on how I can better monitor my eye health. From assessing to purchasing of my spectacles and contact lenses, I am impressed with the good quality service! Would definitely head back to the shop again for my next eye health check up 👍🏼
Maximillian ErMaximillian Er
09:24 14 Jun 22
I wanted to purchase a new pair of glasses as mine were some years old and was due for an eye test in case my degree changed. Decided to visit Royalight Optometrist and was very impressed with their services! Their eye tests were very detailed - they informed me of my overall eye health, and what I could do to improve it. A normal shop would usually just check your degree and astigmatism but not here! I highly recommend people to give these guys a try, whether it is to purchase eye wear or just curious to find out more about their eye health!
ting weiting wei
08:30 14 Jun 22
Very nice and patient staff. Received a very detailed eye check up and they have a wide selection of spectacles to choose from. Will recommend to my friend.
Ong Hong XuanOng Hong Xuan
16:11 13 Jun 22
10/10 service. Friendly and Professional. Provides comprehensive eye checkups unlike other optical shops. They will also provide appropriate advice on eye health for you and your family members, if relevant like me (suspected Glaucoma). The personalised eye examination report that they provide via email after the visit is a plus point for me as well. It enables me to keep track of my eye health easily just with a look of a comprehensive report.
Yao Xian PooYao Xian Poo
05:29 10 Jun 22
Hospitable and very friendly. Informative and patient even though I was very picky with my spectacles. Highly recommended
chin soonchin soon
08:17 28 May 22
i drive a lot for my work but my vision at night isn’t very clear. The glasses i was previously wearing did help a bit but i still find the streetlights/headlights glaring. I came to Royalight for a full eye check and found that my high astig was the cause. Zac was really friendly and informative and he recommended me a special tinted lens meant for driving at night usage. It is clear and very comfortable, and a lot less glaring. Recommend!
Jw LeongJw Leong
01:59 27 May 22
Went down to the shop to get a full eye health checkup and the boss was really professional and knowledgeable! Learnt so much about my own eye health and she also gave lots of tips on how to protect my eyes. Booking for an appointment was also such a breeze. Would definitely recommend everyone to give them a visit if you are around the area!
Toh Ting FengToh Ting Feng
06:18 15 May 22
Excellent service, very patient staff to assist with my requests 🙂
16:58 06 May 22
A friend recommended me to Royalight Optometrist. She had mention that they do comprehensive eye tests and they were really detailed in explaining the findings. I had recently brought my kid down just for a check as they currently have a promotion for kids. Turns out, my daughter’s right eye was a lazy eye! She has been relying only on a left eye to see and no one has noticed it, my daughter wouldn’t have known until the check. So thankful to the optometrists at Royalight as they have been following up with us ever since. My daughter’s lazy eye is getting better with the management and therapy. I can’t thank them enough!
Athrun ChinAthrun Chin
13:41 25 Apr 22
The staff is very friendly and detailed in her eye examination. Her recommendation has helped me reduce eye strain when working on the computer.I'm truly satisfied with my visit here and I highly recommend others to check out Royalight Optometrist 😊

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Our certified optometrists are able to check for any issues regarding the eyes with up to date optometric equipment to provide you with the best solutions for you and your children.

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You can bring down your spectacles for us to assess on whether they are still suitable for you. 

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